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About Etihad Airways

The national airline of the United Arab Emirates, EtihadAirways was established by the Royal (Emiri) Decree in July 2003 and is owned by the Government of Abu Dhabi. From this home, they are situated in the perfect geographical position and fly to a wide range of countries and destinations including the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America. Guests are at the centre, the young and professional team always ensures that safety, comfort, and journey experience come above all, specifically personalised to everyone’s requirements.

First Class

In a league of its own, first class luxury Etihad Airways flights provide the ultimate experience. To begin, you can choose to get escorted to the airport by one of the Etihad chauffeurs, and once on board, sit comfortably in your very own private suite with access to an extensive à la carte menu and wine list brought right to your seat. The menu comprises traditional Emirati dishes, destination-inspired meals, healthy options, and light bites. For overnight flights, the friendly crew will recline your chair into a full-functioning bed, perfect for a good night’s rest.

Business Class

For all your business requirements, business class at Etihad Airways has been designed especially for the individual as passengers are allowed to decide when they would like to sleep, socialise and work. From the entrance, guests are welcomed on board with a choice of beverages from champagne to fresh juice to help them settle in for the journey. Legroom and space for all your business needs have also been accounted for with customisable extra space and privacy including fully-flat beds for overnight flights. To dine, there is the à la carte menu available and an all-day-dining menu including their renowned steak sandwich and sugary snacks for passengers with a sweet tooth.

Economy Seats

Economy at Etihad Airways has three different seat options: Economy Standard, Economy Space, and Economy Neighbour-Free. For Economy Standard, you can guarantee this type of seat as soon as your fare is booked(dependent on fare) and can reserve your seat for free up to one hour before departure. Etihad Guest members can save 30% on select Economy Standard seats.

Economy Space provides a roomier experience with generous legroom and space to unwind. Bear in mind that these seats are only available on Etihad-operated flights and not on partnered airlines. For Platinum Guest Members, you can reserve a seat for free, or for Gold Members, save 50% for the perfect luxury Etihad Airways flight.

Economy Neighbour-Free seats have been designed with the customer’s health and wellness in mind. For people who like their own space, these seats are perfect. To obtain more, you can choose to keep one, two, or three neighbouring seats passenger-free for ultimate satisfaction and privacy.

Inflight Entertainment

Etihad Airways provides an impressive range of entertainment including their entertainment hub-E-BOX which contains the latest blockbusters, music, TV shows, and games, all you have to do is download their E-BOX magazine for endless travel amusement. You can also stream to your device with E-BOX Stream through a handy link for entertainment that is more personal for the individual. Children haven’t been forgotten and flights with Etihad Airways provide an incredible array of kid’s movies, games, and TV programs to ensure child satisfaction. To ease worrying, they have ensured child safety is at the forefront with a parental lock feature. First and platinum guest members can also receive complimentary WiFi, or you have the option to pay for the onboard network through packages.

Etihad Airways provides exceptional travel experiences to luxury destinations. For further information get in touch with one of our friendly, expert customer service representatives today to discuss your travel needs and secure a great deal on your booking.

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