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China is one of Earth’s four ancient civilizations. This mysterious and enormous land has a higher population than North America and Europe combined, although it is not much larger than the United States with regard to land mass. This vast and beautiful country offers an abundance of things to see and numerous places to explore, from the skyscrapers of Shanghai to China’s Great Wall. 
A top destination for luxury travel, China is renowned for outstanding facilities and accommodation, as well as state-of-the-art service for all holidaymakers. Whether you are a seasoned traveller or have visited the Asian continent in the past, the following information will help you have an enjoyable holiday in China:

Top Cities

Amongst China’s top cities to visit are Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Guilin and Xi’an. Beijing is China’s capital and is known for its unique mixture of urban growth and ancient culture. 
The southern city of Guilin is famous amongst holidaymakers for its interesting mountains and other spectacular scenery. It is also home to one of China’s most visited rivers, the LI River, which is often featured in traditional Chinese art. 
Shanghai is the largest and most prosperous city in China and is frequently referred to as the "Gateway to the West" because of its increasingly Westernized environment. 
Hong Kong has a rich and interesting history, and boasts a fusion of Western and Asian culture that is not found anywhere else in the world. Best known for sightseeing, Hong Kong is extremely popular with visitors searching for interesting experiences and excellent shopping opportunities.
Those who are mesmerised by China’s long and fascinating history should definitely visit Xi'an, which was China’s capital for over 10,000 years, spanning 12 dynasties.

Attractions and Activities

A must-see attraction near the city of Beijing is The Great Wall of China. A world-famous sightseeing location, this architectural wonder has earned its title as the longest wall on earth. Its winding path passes over steep mountains and flat, rugged terrain and offers glorious photo opportunities for holidaymakers. 
The Forbidden City is another great Beijing attraction. It lies in the city’s centre, and is also referred to as the Palace Museum. At one time, it served as the Imperial Palace during the Qing and Ming Dynasties, and was home to 24 emperors during that period.
The Bund is an ideal Shanghai attraction for those holidaying in China. Also called the Waitan, The Bund is located on the west bank of the Huangpu River and is a famous waterfront that many travellers consider a must-see attraction. Other top locations in the city include Disneyland Shanghai–a relatively new theme park modeled after the famous theme park in the United States–and of course, Shanghai’s famous skyscrapers.
The Li River in the city of Guilin is an interesting area to visit as well. As previously mentioned, many Chinese artists featured this river in their paintings and sketches. A tranquil and quiet place to visit, Guilin and the Li River are well worth a place on any traveller's itinerary.
Hong Kong is a mecca of shopping and sightseeing. Here, visitors can find essentially anything they are looking for, from goods and services to delicious cuisine. It is home to landmarks such as the famous Pei’s Bank of China Tower and the Temple Street Night Market. Victoria Peak, a scenic overlook boasting a height of 552M, and Big Buddha, a giant bronze statue of Buddha, are also must-visit attractions in the city of Hong Kong.
Located in Xi'an is the world famous Terracotta Army and numerous historical sites to please holidaymakers who enjoy learning about China’s ancient history.


Chinese fare is popular throughout the world, and virtually every Chinese city offers a broad range of tasty cuisine. Favourites amongst visitors and locals alike include Peking Duck, Lanzhou noodles, dim sum, and deliciously seasoned hunan cuisine. In addition, many resorts have on-site restaurants featuring traditional Chinese food, as well as Western, Mediterranean and European fare.

Best Time To Visit

Because of its vast expanse of land, China’s climate ranges from Siberian to tropical. This means that weather and temperatures are strikingly different from one area of the country to another. The southernmost part of China boasts long summers and short winters, while its northernmost area it is essentially the opposite. Peak tourist season also varies considerably from one city to the next and for this reason, it is wise to narrow down your destination before choosing dates for your holiday.

Regardless of whether you are searching for cultural experiences, sightseeing opportunities, or ancient history, it can be found in China.

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