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Lebanon is a small Mediterranean country, and its capital city of Beirut is often referred to as its crown jewel. It is not difficult to create the perfect luxury vacation in this lovely Middle Eastern city. This is because it is easy to travel around the region and explore the many unique and interesting things it has to offer.

Base yourself in one of the area’s many five-star establishments and explore the city as you wish, stopping and starting whenever you please. Top restaurants, delicious Lebanese wine, delectable cuisine and outstanding shopping opportunities can all be found in the city. Below are some things to see and do on your visit, as well as the best restaurants and shopping areas.

National Museum of Beirut

The National Museum of Beirut is a remarkable establishment that is home to over 100,000 works of art. These range from 20th-century sculptures and paintings, to prehistoric artefacts, ancient medieval finds discovered during various digs, and pieces from the Medieval Mamluk period. If you have even the slightest interest in art and ancient culture, be sure to visit this impressive museum when on holiday in Beirut.

Downtown Beirut

Downtown is now regarded as the super-chic area of Beirut, with its international restaurants, lounges and stores. You should also consider visiting interesting locations such as The Forum and the Mohammad Al Amin Mosque. The latter is a spectacular work of art and deserves a place on your itinerary. Stroll the markets and outdoor cafes, whilst making the most of the many great photo opportunities found in this part of the city.


Mount Lebanon

Mount Lebanon has spectacular views as well. The mountain range itself is 750 metres high and offers a broad range of activities from horse riding and hiking to skiing during the winter season. Virtually all travellers agree that Mount Lebanon is the perfect sightseeing destination regardless of the time of year you choose to visit Beirut.


You may also wish to explore Byblos during your holiday. A true archaeological wonder, its history goes back seven centuries to many different ancient civilisations. Situated near this landmark is the infamous Crusader Castle, which was first constructed in the 13th century.

Shopping and Dining

Old World fine dining at its best, the Em Sherif restaurant in the Achrafieh district offers a seasonal menu that includes delicacies from lahme mechwiye to manakish zaatar. The decor is lavish Oriental style and the staff caters to every whim of patrons. Following an elegant meal, guests can head out to the terrace to enjoy the night air.

Liza is another failsafe choice, where a modern, yet elegant ambience awaits. Liza is home to a tranquil airiness that pleases many customers, and its Lebanese menu features cuisine prepared to be savoured. Signature dishes include shrimp with fennel, citrus marinated chicken, and lamb shank confit. The extensive menu also features upscale vegetarian dishes, and sharing menus for parties with multiple guests.

Zaitunay Bay, Beirut’s newest luxury destination, is situated on the Beirut Marina for easy yacht access. This district is home to 18 restaurants, including the innovative Lebanese eatery, Babel Bay. This restaurant specializes in fresh seafood and dishes are flavourful, but not overwhelming. The chefs are willing to customize virtually any meal to please the establishment’s guests. 

If you like to shop while on holiday, you will be pleased to discover that Zaitunay Bay is also home to several specialty stores. Other high-end establishments in Beirut include Adolfo Dominguez, Abed Mafouz and Alexander McQueen, all of which are found in the Achrafieh district.


Similar to the rest of Lebanon, Beirut features a traditional, Mediterranean climate, with rainy, cool winters and long, hot summers. After late December, the Lebanese mountains sometimes experience snowfall, but the majority of rainfall occurs during January. Average temperatures during summer hover around 25°C, and winter temperatures may range anywhere from 10 to 20°C.


The national language of Beirut and the rest of Lebanon is Arabic; however, English and French are heard quite frequently as well. 

Ultimately, no matter what your individual holiday objectives are, Beirut Lebanon is one of the finest places on earth for an unforgettable luxury vacation.

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