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An incredible paradise situated between the vast continents of Africa and Asia, amongst the shimmering waters of the Indian Ocean, the breathtakingly beautiful Indian Ocean Islands are the dreamiest of destinations, and the ultimate get-away-from-it-all holiday retreat for friends, and family alike. Featured on just about everyone’s travel bucket lists, the exotic Indian Ocean islands provide endless sightseeing views, entertainment, and activities, and include a breadth of luxury hotels with accommodation to facilitate everyone’s requirements.

Traveling from the United Kingdom to holidays in the Indian Ocean can require a somewhat lengthy plane journey, but don’t let that put you off, this sacrifice is one that is immediately rewarded by sun-kissed white-sand beaches and gorgeous blue waters that thousands of fascinating and beautiful sea creatures call home. The first step off the plane is worth the wait when you are hit with mesmerising panoramic views.


The Maldives

In the Eastern regions of the Indian Ocean lies the beautiful Maldives. Technically part of Asia, this incredible island is one of the world’s most unspoiled areas with fascinating culture, gorgeous private beaches, rich vegetation and greenery, and stand-out landmarks. Often selected as a honeymoon location, the Maldives offers picture-perfect views with five-star accommodation. In addition to this, for people who prefer seclusion, there are private island resorts to ensure the most peaceful retreat is provided. Discover the Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa, a deluxe 5-star resort on a 20 hectares private island. As far as activities and leisure, this diverse holiday destination provides an endless supply: discover the sea with water activities including snorkelling, diving, and paddle boarding, take in the sights with dolphin watching, or explore the local areas and culture by visiting the markets, the National Museum, or Mosques.

Sri Lanka

Another popular holiday destination in the eastern part of the region is Sri Lanka. Located close to the equator with consistent temperatures, it can be visited all year round. Sri Lanka is full of surprises with spectacular scenery and wildlife, and an extraordinary breadth of natural wonders. Tourists can immerse themselves in its deep culture by exploring its world heritage sites, tea trails, and temples, and for animal lovers, there is an abundance of safaris to spot the local wildlife in their natural habitat. The beaches are a must-see, with beautiful white sands fringed by palm trees overlooking crystal clear waters, it is a great resting place for visitors to soak up the sun. For people who love adventure, the beaches also have rivers and lagoons that run into the sea which creates perfect conditions for water sports. A great place for a beach holiday, stay at The Fortress, a stylish boutique hotel situated on the shores of Sri Lanka’s southern coast.


Seychelles is a desired destination in the Indian Ocean and one of the world’s smallest countries, its wonders stretch across 115 remote islands, perfect for those wanting a peaceful and secluded getaway. If the stunning beaches with talc-white sands and emerald waters are not enough to draw you in, then the local culture will. Each island retains its own unique identity, and we know you will fall in love with the Creole culture. The people of Seychelles are relaxed, welcoming, and good-natured, and will ensure to make your stay the best that it can be JA Enchanted Island Resort provides a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in all that Seychelles has to offer.


Situated in the Western region of the Indian Ocean is a popular and sought-after holiday destination, Mauritius. Located just inside the Tropic of Capricorn, it is part of the volcanic Mascarene islands off the east coast of Africa, along with Réunion, and is a paradise of pristine golden beaches, mesmerising coral reefs, mountainous rainforests, and luxury hotels. Mauritius has a particularly fascinating mix of Indian, African, Asian, and European influences that are reflected not only in the variety of cuisines on offer but also in the incredible diversity of its architecture.

Réunionis another spectacular island in the Indian Ocean, situated 150 miles southeast of Mauritius, it is home to a live volcano as well as jagged peaks and widespread jungles, the perfect place for sightseers and walkers, attracting geographers and geologists from all over the world.

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The Indian Ocean islands are truly a great example of an exotic paradise. Whether you’re looking to plan your honeymoon, family holiday, or even solo getaway, these islands are a perfect choice for the holiday of a lifetime. To start your luxurious Indian Ocean adventure, get in touch with our friendly team and get a personalised quote today.

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