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Situated between the vast continents of Africa and Asia, amongst the shimmering waters of the Indian Ocean, Indian Ocean islands that fulfil everyone's dream of the ultimate get-away-from-it-all destination. Featured on just about everyone’s travel bucket lists, the exotic Indian Ocean islands are a true slice of paradise.

Whilst when travelling from the United Kingdom, holidays in the Indian Ocean require a somewhat lengthy plane journey, this sacrifice is one that is immediately rewarded by sun-kissed white-sand beaches and gorgeous blue waters that many thousands of beautiful sea creatures call home.

The Indian Ocean landscapes range from the colourful corals found in the waters of the Maldives, to mountainous marvels like the Seychelles, and the volcanic craters of Réunion. There really is something for everyone on the beautiful islands of the Indian Ocean.

So, if this sounds like your dream getaway, when it comes to luxury Indian Ocean holidays, you’re in the right place.


The Indian Ocean Islands Are A Cultural Exploration

The Indian Ocean is considered one of the first of the world's oceans to be explored. The 17th century saw the colonisation of these islands by the Portuguese, French and British, with many islands exploited for use as slavery-based plantations.

This part of the Indian Ocean islands’ history has never been forgotten and is still very obvious to those who visit to this day – both in terms of culture, traditions and more, such as food and drink, too, with many cuisine influences seen from both Asian and Arabic cultures, too.

The Luxury Islands Of The Indian Ocean As Alternative to the Caribbean

This part of the world has actually only emerged as a popular travel destination over the past couple of decades, when Westerners increasingly started to feel the urge to escape to more distant places, and Europeans, especially the British and French, adopted the Indian Ocean as their alternative to the Caribbean.

The Western Islands Of The Indian Ocean

This fusion is nowhere more evident than in Mauritius, one of the region's most popular and sought-after destinations. Situated just inside the Tropic of Capricorn, it is part of the volcanic Mascarene islands off the east coast of Africa, along with Réunion, and is a paradise of beautiful beaches, coral reefs, mountainous rainforests, and luxury hotels. Mauritius has a particularly fascinating mix of cultures, with Indian, African, Asian, and European influences blended together, and reflected not only in the variety of cuisines, but in the incredible diversity of its architecture.

Another spectacular island of the Indian Ocean, Réunion, is situated 150 miles south-east of Mauritius, and has managed to retained even more of its volcanic origins. Reunion is home to a live volcano, attracting geographers and geologists from all over the world, making this island a great destination for both luxury and adventure, too. with jagged peaks and dramatic jungles.

Lands Further EastIn The Indian Ocean

Further East lie the beautiful Maldives, technically part of Asia, and one of the world's most unspoilt areas, containing some of the Indian Ocean's best-kept secrets. Often selected as a honeymoon location, the Maldives offers picture-perfect views, gorgeous blue waters and five-star accommodation with stretches of dreamy private beaches to satisfy your beach-getaway needs. What’s more? Each resort in the Maldives has a whole island to itself. What could be more luxurious than that?

Also in the eastern part of the region is romantic Sri Lanka, whose charms have been rediscovered since the end of its civil war, and it is now exceptionally welcoming to visitors. Sri Lanka is an island full of surprises, with spectacular scenery and wildlife, and an extraordinary wealth of natural wonders.

Visitors can enjoy more than 3,000 years of event-filled history, and a cultural life of unbelievable depth and diversity, offering a taste of the very best of the Indian Ocean for travellers of all interests, ages and desires.

Explore The Luxury Of The Indian Ocean With Luxury Holidays

The islands of the Indian Ocean are truly a great example of exotic paradise. Whether you’re looking to plan your honeymoon, family holiday, or even solo getaway, these islands are the perfect choice. So, to start your luxurious Indian Ocean adventure, get in touch with our team today and get a quote.