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Ajman, also called Fujairah, is a lovely, palm-lined Emirate known for its tranquil, relaxing atmosphere and its luxurious accommodations and facilities. It is the smallest of the seven United Arab Emirates and its primary attractions are its long, pristine beaches, beautiful mosques, and the outstanding Ajman Museum.

Ajman consists of three distinct sections: the commercial district located in the town centre; Manama, which is the Emirate’s eastern side; and the agricultural area of Masfut. The city has a welcoming, hospitable atmosphere and the friendly nature of those who live in the region help to make it a truly enjoyable holiday destination.

Activities and Attractions

There are many landmarks in Ajman, but none as popular as the city’s beautiful mosques. In fact, the city's centre is home to the second largest mosque in the United Arab Emirates, which is the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. About 30 kilometres north of Ajman is the Al Badiyah Mosque, which is much smaller, but because it is the oldest mosque in all seven Emirates, it has historical significance. The Bin Sultan Mosque, referred to by locals as the Village Mosque, is also a sight worth seeing, regardless of one’s religion.

Boat Trips to the Gulf of Oman

Many holidaymakers visiting Ajman enjoy taking boat excursions to one of the numerous islands in the Gulf of Oman. A great day trip location, the Oman Gulf also offers terrific fishing opportunities.

Ajman Museum

By far the most popular attraction in the region, the Ajman Museum is home to a broad range of displays and art galleries, which illustrate the multifaceted history of the tiny Emirate. Once a castle, a fort, and even a police station, the Museum is now home to a large assortment of photographs, ancient weapons, tools, artefacts and sculptures. Open throughout the year, this landmark is definitely a must see for those spending time in Ajman.

Mowaihat Archeological Site

Anyone with the slightest interest in archaeology should not miss a trip to Mowaihat. Renowned for the treasures once unearthed at this famous site, the Mowaihat is one of the most popular cultural attractions in Ajman. Situated on the outskirts of the town, it was in this area that archaeologists found more than 3000 beads, various copper elements, tombs, and Umm- al-Nar ceramic vessels during a historical dig.

Ajman Beaches and Water Sports

The Ajman coastlines are regarded by many as some of the cleanest, best maintained beaches in the Middle East. Therefore, holidaymakers who enjoy swimming or simply relaxing in the sun will likely find Ajman ideal. Safe waters and year- round sunshine also make the area perfect for watersports such as windsurfing, jet skiing and kayaking. Clear lagoons, natural mangroves, and stunning scenery ultimately make Ajman’s beach area a spectacular choice of attractions.

Shopping and Dining

When visiting Ajman, travellers often choose to shop as the local residents do; in the traditional souk, where customers can find a vast array of items such as spices and oils, apparel, textiles, souvenirs, jewellery, pashminas and curios. Numerous merchants are present on a daily basis, and holidaymakers can easily spend an entire day strolling through the many shops and stalls searching for the best prices on a broad range of items.

Dining is also a fun and interesting activity in Ajman, and despite its size, the area is home to a wide selection of cuisine. Holidaymakers can enjoy Asian food, traditional local fare, high-quality Lebanese dishes, falafel sandwiches, soups, and salads. Ajman is home to a Sadaf restaurant as well, which is a very popular Iranian restaurant chain. Street vendors selling juice and snacks can also be found in the city's beach areas, and most luxury resorts have on-site restaurants.

Many private resorts and restaurants also serve signature cocktails and a variety of wines. Although alcohol serving establishments may close at certain times in observance of Islamic holidays, most private resorts have lounges where alcoholic drinks can be purchased daily.


Ajman is home to a dry, subtropical climate. Sunny blue skies and hot temperatures are normal throughout the year, and rain is rarely a problem. November to March are the best months to enjoy an Ajman holiday, whilst the hottest and most humid months are June through September.


The official language of Ajman is Arabic; however, visitors will occasionally hear Farsi, English and French as well.

A holiday in this outstanding Emirate offers visitors a luxurious environment, spectacular scenery, and a broad range of interesting and exciting things to see and do. Anyone searching for an unforgettable holiday location will be pleased with what he or she finds in Ajman.

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