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If you would like to make the most of your time away, the central location of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean makes it perfect for combining your stay with visits to a wide selection of destinations in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Direct flights to and from Nairobi, Cape Town and Johannesburg mean you can enjoy a relaxing break on the island following an East African safari, or a tour of South Africa's spectacular scenery. Alternatively the stunning cities of the Middle East, such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi. make a fantastic stopover on the journey there or back.

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Luxury Mauritius Holidays

Mauritius is one of the most unique places in the world and is surrounded by gorgeous coral reefs, 90 miles of white sandy beaches and clear waters which makes it one of the most sought-after destinations on the planet and absolutely hits the nail on the head when it comes to luxury.

This sapphire lagoon is located in the Indian Ocean, just off the southern-east coast of Africa and is the perfect beach escape, with endless views of the Indian Ocean and the gorgeous nature, national parks and majestic mountains, and of course the underwater waterfall.

Mauritius is iconic for its incredibly luxurious and expensive resorts such as the famous range of Beachcomber resorts where you can experience extravagant accommodations, sensational dining and world-class facilities.

Your luxury Mauritius holiday is the perfect place and time to take part in a large range of water sports such as paddleboarding, kayaking, windsurfing, water-skiing, wakeboarding, snorkelling, scuba diving or for the younger travellers, there are some warm and shallow areas on the beaches for the parent’s peace of mind.


What Is The Local Cuisine In Mauritius?

Dining is a huge part of your holiday experience and in Mauritius, the local food is a combination of Indian and creole cuisine however, other delicacies are equally available.

Creole is considered city food and is very similar to Cajan food and is eaten by every Mauritian. It has influences from Africa, India and France and typically involves the consumption of seafood, vegetables, pulses, corn and beans.

What Holidays Are Celebrated In Mauritius?

Events and celebrations are a huge part of the Mauritius culture, with the Cavadee festival at the start of the year in January or February with gorgeous flower arches, the Maha Shivaratri festival in March and Diwali during October and November.

Atmospheric Capital

Book your flight to Mauritius and experience the place where the intermingling of cultures is the most striking, Port Louis is a jumble of colonial buildings, tumbledown shops and mini skyscrapers, surrounded by the peaks of the Moka Mountains which form an amphitheatre around the city. It’s an atmospheric place, with statues and monuments shaped by palm trees, mingling with colourful Indian and Chinese temples. Port Louis is especially famous for its bustling central market with its brash colours and smells of herbs and spices, and the food court here is the top place to eat.

Take your luxury Mauritius holiday to the next level and experience a range of sightseeing opportunities with the sugar cane plantations, botanical gardens or an excursion to Port Louis with its colourful markets and breathtaking waterfronts.

Diversity Of The Coastline

The incredible beaches of course are the main reason why many people choose to visit Mauritius, and one of the island's most attractive aspects is the diversity of the coastline, with every side of the island having its own individual character. The west coast is the calmest, sheltered from the trade winds and with perfect palm-fringed sandy beaches, and pods of dolphins playing in the tranquil waters. The south is the least developed and has most of the island's forests as a backdrop to the coast -- here you have the best chance of finding hidden rocky coves with hardly any people. A very special spot to visit is the Ile de Deux Cocos in the reef-filled Blue Bay Marine Park, off the south-east coast.

The east coast has some of the most beautiful beaches but is the most exposed to the trade winds, so is especially popular with windsurfers. The north is where most development has taken place, and where the biggest hotels and resorts can be found. Along here is the island's most popular beach, Mont Choisy, and its premier resort Grand Baie, famed for its shops, cafes and top restaurants.

Take the time to visit Rodrigues on the northeast cost of Mauritius and experience one of the most authentic Mascarene islands which is surrounded by gorgeous waters and coral reeds. Be charmed and welcomed by the local people and their dancing and cuisine.

Spectacular Interior

As stunning and diverse as the beaches and coastal waters are, they are only a small part of what awaits the visitor to Mauritius. The volcanic interior reveals a very different aspect to the island, with rainforest-clad gorges, plunging waterfalls, luxuriant gardens and parks, and nature reserves, with chances to spot rare birds amidst soaring ebony trees. Interspersed with the jagged mountain peaks are the tall swaying grasses of sugar plantations, palm trees, and bright tropical flowers.

One of the most spectacular places is the Black River Gorges National Park, a wild expanse of dramatic virgin forests and rugged ravines, and a habitat for many of the rarest plant, animal and bird species. Not far away is Chamarel, a village surrounded by lush pineapple and coffee plantations. The town is known for its Seven Coloured Earths, a Mars-like landscape of multi-coloured volcanic sands that mysteriously never mix or wash away.

In the north of the island, near Grand Baie, the most magnetic attraction is the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanic Gardens, more generally known as the Pamplemousse Gardens, where mazes of shady palm-lined avenues border indigenous island flora. The gardens are most famous for the giant Amazon waterlilies in the lily pond, and graceful yellow and white lotus flowers in the Lotus Pool. The beautiful Chateau de Mon Plaisir within the gardens makes a popular backdrop for weddings.

When Is The Best Time To Visit?

The best time to go on your luxury Mauritius holiday is from October to December when the weather is most comfortable at the perfect temperature of 26 °C with low rainfall.

The coolest time of year to go and visit this safe haven is in July when temperatures are at a low 22°C at its maximum and 17°C at its lowest.

We don’t recommend going during the wet cyclone season, which is January to March and avoid the east coast in the months of July and August as that’s when the wind is at its strongest.

Fill Your Senses In Mauritius

Mauritius is an island where it is supremely easy to forget about the outside world - there is so much here to entice you and to fill your senses. Relaxing in one of the planet's most luxurious hotels and surrounded by the laid-back charm of the warm and welcoming Mauritian people, you will find your worries and cares slip away. This is why thousands of people find that this tiny dot in the Indian Ocean fulfils all their dreams of a luxury island paradise.

Choose the perfect resort for your luxury Mauritius holiday with Luxury Holidays with our wide array of hotels that will suit your needs, making this a holiday to remember whether it’s an all-inclusive getaway, tropical escape or dreamy honeymoon. Enquire today to get a quote for your luxury Mauritius holiday or talk to our travel experts for more information on Mauritius or it’s hotels.

10 Reasons to Visit

1 - Beaches of Mauritius

There are over a hundred beaches along the coastlines of the island from long stretches to small pristine beaches, each beach has its own characteristic and beauty. With mostly white sand or golden colour beaches and depending on the region, they are lined with coconut or palm trees. With the rich sea life and ideal water temperature, averaging 27°C, you have a perfect beach destination.

2 - Mauritius climate

Mauritius is a year round destination. This is mainly due to its ideal geographical location. Mauritius lies just above the Capricorn, so the destination gets sunshine throughout the entire year. The weather can average from 22°C-35°C year round.

3 - Best Wedding and Honeymoon Destination

Voted the best wedding and honeymoon destination by the World Travel Award, Mauritius is by far the perfect destination for your perfect occasion. With all the prestine beaches and world class resorts, the island offers fantastic romantic spots to newlywed couples. The best time for wedding and honeymoon in Mauritius is between the month of October and September, when the weather is perfect allowing you to enjoy every thing the island has to offer.

4 - Affordable

Packages to Mauritius are not as expensive as you may think. Between the months of May - September you can have a weeks package averaging about £700 - £900 per person. Mauritius is a destination that be as expensive as you want or as affordable as you want. Area's like Grand Baie are perfect as you can find many shopping centres and local restaurants with affordable eateries.

5 - World Class Diving

The island is surrounded by incredible coral reefs and flourishing marine life. The clarity of the water allows perfect visibility. Novice or keen qualified divers will love to Scuba dive in the Maldives and explore all it's beauty beneath the depths. There are wide ranges of excursions on offer on every part the island.

6 - Wild life

Mauritius is not just a beach destination. There are many excursions and activities on offer, to give you an even more unique experience. Casela Nature Park is perfect for the Quad Bike and Segway safari's where you can get up close to animals. You can also do more daring close up encounters with Lions where you are in the Lion's enclosure. There are also many sea excursions available from deep sea fishing to swimming in the Ocean with wild Dolphins.

7 - Stopovers

Stopovers are common from the UK clients that are en-route to the Mauritius, some of the most popular stopover destinations are Dubai and South Africa. Take advantage of the special offers with the flights and combine your trip with another destination to make your holiday a unique one.

8 - Nature

Tropical climate, wild waterfalls, lush forestation, mountain ranges, water sports, the island is a holiday destination with endless possibilities. The Seven Coloured Earths of Chamarel is a unique geological formation caused by tropical weather conditions where seven distinct colours of earth appear in one area.

9 - Family Holidays

This friendly island welcomes children with open arms and caters for all ages from young children to teens. with fantastic selection of luxury resorts and sensational facilities so that the whole family can enjoy quality time together. Spend time relaxing by the pool, splashing in the warm shallow waters, building sandcastles on the beach and dining at children-friendly restaurants.

10 - Luxury

With some of the leading Luxury Brands in the world and award winning restaurants, Mauritius is fast becoming a destination attracting clients that want a 5* service with the resort to match. Many of the luxury resorts have excellent facilities with private villas with their own private pools ensuring that you will not be disappointed.

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