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Luxury Fujairah Holidays

Fujairah hotels include five-star, all-inclusive resorts, affordable family-activity options and local hospitality without the traffic congestion and commercialism that characterize the UAE's West coast cities.

Best Time to Visit

The summer months in Fujairah can be hot, humid and oppressive for Western visitors with high temperatures around 36°C. November through April, the winter season, is the best time to enjoy outdoor activities and cooler weather, but you can find bargains during the summer months. Evenings can be comfortable year-round, but visitors should check when the month of Ramadan falls each year because some places close during the day and won't sell food or alcohol. Most major hotels continue to operate normally during Ramadan, however.

Fujairah's Main Attractions

Although Fujairah is the youngest Emirate, you can find many exciting excursions, enjoy luxurious pampering, join desert and mountain safaris and relax on some of the world's most stunning beaches.

Wadi Wurrahya Waterfall

The Wadi Wurrahya Waterfall offers stunning views of emerald-green date orchards, towering Al Hajar peaks and elusive native wildlife. The area is the UAE's first protected mountain area, and visitors can enjoy the regions' delicate ecosystem, stunning cascades and exciting scenery in an area that is protected by law.


Bullfighting in the Emirate of Fujairah is different from the Spanish version and involves spectators actually wrestling with the massive Brahman bulls. Less bloody than its Western counterpart, Fujairah bullfighting lasts just over a minute and tests the relative strength of the animals.

Haggling at the Souq

Haggle in the local markets or souqs to buy vegetables, fruits, toys, pottery, plants, carpets and hand-crafts. The Masafi Friday Market or Souq al Juma offers a great place seven days a week to buy antiques, souvenirs, mats, rugs and Afghani and Pakistani products.


Visiting Al Bidyah Mosque

The Al Bidyah Mosque is the oldest surviving mosque in the UAE, and carbon dating places its origin as early as 1446 CE. Both men and women are welcome to visit, but women should take a scarf or covering for their heads and shoulders to respect Arabic culture. Located 38 kms north of Fujairah, the mosque showcases early engineering and distinctive architecture.

Fujairah City Centre

Featuring 34,000 square feet of retail shopping, dining and entertainment, Fujairah City Centre is the largest complex of its kind in the Emirates. Visitors can enjoy leisurely shopping for middle-market brands, signature dining and unparalleled entertainments. Shuttle services transport guests from various beach resorts to this premier shopping destination.

Heritage Village

Heritage Village showcases traditional Arabic village life in a fishing village. Exhibits include tools, utensils, fishing boats and irrigation systems used to grow food in the desert.

Khor Kalba Beach

One of the best beaches in the Emirates, Khor Kalba Beach's patrons try to keep this information somewhat confidential because attracting too many visitors would spoil the ambience.

Fujairah Museum

The Fujairah Museum features artefacts from local archaeological digs at Qidfa, Bithnah and other sites and ethnography exhibits from millennia of Arab culture. Built on a hill at the site of a 360-year-old fort, the museum boasts living ruins, a modern museum and a restored town.

Ain Al Madhab Gardens

These extensive gardens draw nourishment from warm sulphur springs near the Fujairah Museum. Features include two swimming pools, an outdoor theatre and the natural environment of the Al Hajar mountain foothills.

Fujairah Culinary Scene

The cuisine of Fujairah includes Indian, Chinese and European influences as well as cuisines from all the Arab countries from Saudi Arabia to Tunisia. Local cuisine features wheat, barley, yoghurt, fish, dates and meat from sheep, goats and camels. High-profile, five-star dining is quite popular, and visitors can enjoy the annual East Coast Culinary Competition in Fujairah where chefs create signature masterpieces. Gourmet foods and traditional Arabic music provide sophisticated ambience and fusion flavours that are sure to satisfy any palate.

Holidays to Fujairah offer all the luxury amenities of its more famous neighbour Dubai, but visitors enjoy a slower pace, greater privacy and the unique perspective of having the majestic Al Hajar Mountains and Arabian Sea as backdrops to beachside and water-based activities. Spend a day visiting the souqs, take the family on a desert safari, explore the mountains and Wadi Wurrahya Waterfall or enjoy many sophisticated night-life and entertainment options.

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