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Sitting at the crossroads of the world where Europe, Asia and Africa meet, the United Arab Emirates is a country made up of seven emirates (otherwise known as states). The UAE has grown in just a few short decades into one of the world's fastest-growing tourist destinations. 20 years ago, only the adventurous few would have contemplated a luxury UAE holiday. Now the UAE has all the elements anyone could wish for in a holiday, fascinating traditional culture, spectacular hotels, some of the world's best shopping facilities and above all, a safe and welcoming environment.

The stunning attractions a United Arab Emirates holiday has to offer

When most people think of going on a luxury UAE holiday, the destination that first springs to mind is Dubai, and this is certainly the spot that attracts the most tourists, with its world-class luxury hotels, iconic mega shopping malls, and unique entertainment venues. Away from the glitz of Dubai, the country has a variety of attractions to offer. It's a land of stunning natural scenery and amazing contrasts, from majestic mountains to long stretches of golden sandy coastlines, from remote and beautiful desert dunes to historic forts and glimpses of ancient civilisations.


Abu Dhabi’s glamour and glitz

The UAE is situated at the northern point of the Arabian Peninsula, with coastlines to the west and north looking over to the Persian Gulf, and to the east towards the Gulf of Oman. The largest of the seven emirates is Abu Dhabi, the nation's capital city, and possessing 90% of the UAE's vast oil reserves. This wealth is now enabling Abu Dhabi to rival Dubai as a glamorous holiday destination and playground for the rich and famous.

The city of Abu Dhabi is home to the world's most expensive mosque -the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, in which millions of people visit a year. Abu Dhabi also possesses the world's most exotic hotel - the Emirates Palace, and the world's largest theme park, Ferrari World. Not just that, it also offers the glamorous Abu Dhabi Shopping Mall. Located as it is on 200 islands, Abu Dhabi can offer much more in the way of holiday potential. Here you can enjoy some unique activities, such as cruising on a traditional pearling boat, chartering your own boat to explore the outer islands, or experiencing the vast desert sea, the Rub' Al Khali, on desert safaris.

If you are a Formula One fan, you can visit in November for an exhilarating experience of watching the Grand Prix finale at Abu Dhabi’s spectacular Yas Marina circuit.

More destinations for a Luxury UAE Holiday

Dubai and Abu Dhabi might be the Big Two, but they are only a small part of the UAE's luxury holiday destinations. For instance, Ras al Khaimah - the tiny emirate at the northernmost tip of the UAE, is investing millions to position itself as the UAE’s newest holiday hot spot. Visitors here can enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery, dotted with ancient mosques, palaces, and historic villages. The area is also renowned for prehistoric villages and nostalgic camel racetracks.

Probably the most scenic of the Emirates is the mountainous Fujairah in the east. Once known as the Land of the Sea Giants, with its coastline bordering the Gulf of Oman -Fujeirah has one of the richest marine environments on the planet, and its coral reefs offer the ultimate underwater experience. Among the profusion of enchanting places to visit is the picturesque fishing village of Dibba, and the charming resort town of Khor Fakkan at the foot of steep mountains, as well as ancient forts, hot springs, and awe-inspiring waterfalls.

Experience the incredible art, culture, and heritage of the UAE

Meanwhile, Sharjah, the third-largest emirate, is a paradise for art and culture lovers, being crammed with sites like the world-renowned Arts Museum, the Museum of Islamic Civilisation, the Archaeology Museum, and the Heritage Area, which is a cluster of museums and cultural exhibitions. However, Sharjah is also blessed with an abundance of both man-made and natural attractions, which have made it a major tourist destination. For instance, near the quaint fishing village of Kalba is the Khor Kalba Conservation Reserve, the world's most northerly mangrove forest and a birdwatcher's paradise.

While the suburb of Al Qasba is home to a variety of entertainment options including the big wheel, which is famous for being the Eye of the Emirates, and exciting Sharjah Boat Tours. With the sun that shines all year round, the UAE, with its vast wealth of attractions, is the ultimate destination for anyone seeking to escape a cold, gloomy winter. The time when temperatures are at their most moderate is the period from October to March, warming up a little during April and May, and the summer heat starts to abate again from September onwards. However, always remember that not only hotels and shopping malls, but all venues, taxis and public transport are air-conditioned, so there is no wrong time to visit this flourishing country. The United Arab Emirates is a year-round destination, allowing you to do virtually anything in the world you want to do in style.

The Middle East has become one of the most exotic and beautiful destinations to visit, so why not book your luxury holiday to the United Arab Emirates by getting in contact with one of our friendly team members.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best month to visit UAE?

October and April are the best months to visit the UAE, there are no rainy seasons, so the winter weather creates a comfortable temperature, although all venues including hotels and taxis are air-conditioned making the UAE a year-round holiday destination.

Can you drink alcohol in the UAE?

Residents of the UAE can drink alcohol in licensed venues and at home. However, liquor Licenses are required in Dubai to purchase alcohol for personal consumption.

What is the UAE famous for?

The United Arab Emirates is famous for having the world’s tallest hotel, Gevora Hotel Dubai standing at over 1,100ft with 106 stories. As well as artificial islands such as the Palm Jumeirah, The Universe Archipelagos and the World.

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