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Because no two of the Seychelles islands are alike, many visitors choose a two-centre or three-centre holiday within the Seychelles themselves. For instance, it is possible to enjoy a Mahé and Praslin Island escape, or combine Mahé with one or more of the private islands within the Sainte-Anne Marine Park. Many people also enjoy a two-centre Indian Ocean holiday, combining the contrasting delights of the Seychelles and Mauritius. Alternatively, the Seychelles is perfectly placed for a Middle Eastern stopover in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

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Luxury Seychelles Holidays

The Seychelles without question come top of most people's list of the world's most romantic destinations. This idyllic cluster of 115 islands, off the coast of East Africa in the Indian Ocean, represents most people's idea of the ultimate island paradise. With their totally pristine powder-white beaches, abundance of secret coves, majestic granite cliffs, and palm-fringed jungles, plus their perfect year-round climate, these islands cast a siren spell over all who come within their orbit.

The Seychelles consist of an inner group of 41 granite islands, which include the main resorts of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue, all featuring dramatic rock formations which provide a towering backdrop to the beaches. The outer islands are formed of coral, and rise no higher than 15 feet above sea level. These include the islands known as the Amirantes, and the remote Aldabra Atoll.


Truly Unique

The word unique is used far too often about holiday destinations, but if it applies anywhere, it applies to the Seychelles, which are the planet's oldest oceanic islands, and have developed a biodiversity which can be found nowhere else on earth. The most northerly island, Bird Island, as well as being home to thousands of birds, is the only place in the world where hawksbill turtles lay eggs during the day, while the islands of Praslin and Curieuse are the only places on earth where the Coco de Mer Palm can be found. The Aldabra Atoll, the world's largest coral atoll, is famed as the original habitat of the giant land tortoise.

Thanks to its extraordinary wildlife, the Seychelles claims some of the world's best preserved tropical habitats, and hosts two UNESCO World Heritage sites. One is the Aldabra Atoll, largely untouched by humans, which, as well as being the home of the giant tortoise, has at its western end a huge tidal lagoon, inhabited by tiger sharks, manta rays, turtles, barracudas and thousands of seabirds. The other is the Vallée de Mai on Praslin, home to 8,000 different palms, including the Coco de Mer, where curiously shaped nuts grow high on ancient palms. If you hear a whistling sound here, it will be the call of the black parrot, found here and nowhere else in the world.

Mahé and the Capital

Mahé is the largest and most populated of the islands, and, along with Praslin and La Digue, attracts the lion's share of tourists. Mahé is home to Victoria, the world's smallest capital city, which can be explored in a delightful two-hour stroll. Away from the capital, Mahé has the highest mountain ranges in the Seychelles, as well as an abundance of secluded beaches, only accessible by boat or on foot. Most of the island is designated as the Morne Seychellois National Park, a mountainous area covered in dense Jurassic forest, patrolled by squadrons of brilliant tropical birds, and reaching to the summit of Morne Blanc, the tallest peak.

The Closer Islands

The closest islands to Mahé lie within the Sainte-Anne Marine Park, enclosing six small islands, and rich in marine life, with nearly 1,000 species of fish. A little further away is Praslin, the second largest island, with some of the Seychelles' most magnificent beaches, including the best-known, Anse Lazio. Praslin is best known for being home to the Vallée de Mai, one of the World Heritage Sites of the Seychelles.

From Praslin, it is just a short hop to La Digue, where the beaches are dominated by dramatic rock formations, dividing them into small secluded coves. This island is small enough to walk round, but most visitors hire bicycles, or take tours on ox-carts. The best-known beach, Anse Source d'Argent, is reachable only on foot or by bicycle, but here it is quite possible to find a deserted spot where you can bask in solitude. La Digue has a woodland bird sanctuary, where you could spot the rare black paradise flycatcher.

If you are in search of wildlife and real solitude, you may prefer to head for some of the more remote islands, such as Fregate, Bird Island and Aride. Aride is one of the finest tropical island reserves in the world, containing more birds of more species than all the other islands combined -- a million breeding seabirds, and land birds found nowhere else in the world, such as the magpie robin and blue pigeon. On Fregate, with most of the island given over to conservation, there are amazing walks through primeval forest and up massive granite outcrops.

The balmy climate of the Seychelles, never falling below 24 degrees or rising above 32 degrees, makes it perfect to visit at any time of year. No two islands are the same, so your biggest problem will be deciding which of these enchanting places to visit. Whether you are coming to dive, to watch the incredible bird and animal life, or simply to relax in one of the many luxury hotels, you will know that you are as close to heaven on earth as it is possible to be.

10 Reasons to Visit

1 - Island hopping

None of the Seychelles’ 155 islands are exactly alike. They each offer a completely different experience, letting you choose exactly the type of vacation you want by island hopping. Some islands are more developed, while others function as nature reserves. Transport to and from many of these islands is readily available.

2 - Weather

Seychelles is a year round destination, making it the perfect destination no matter what time of year you are looking to go. The water of the Indian Ocean tends to be quite warm as well, perfect for swimming and for almost any water activity imaginable.

3 - Diving in Seychelles

Scuba diving and snorkelling are some of the main activities that tourists can enjoy during their trip to the Seychelles. Among the numerous islands are six different marine national parks that house completely intact and gigantic coral reefs which are always thriving with sea life.

4 - Food

The local food is a great reason to visit the Seychelles, and many tourists come mainly for the purpose of trying the delicious seafood dishes. You’ll be treated to a blend of traditional African, English, French, Indian, and Chinese cooking. With such a diverse cuisines available, any client will have no problem finding something they like.

5 - Beaches

The 115 islands of Seychelles are a tropical paradise hiding some of the best beaches in the world. The powder-fine white sand, the crystal clear water and the spectacular rock formations makes Seychelles a beautiful destination. With a mixture of curvy bays and long stretches of beaches across the shore line, The various island will most certainly appeal to all different clients.

6 - Wildlife and Hiking

Seychelles is largely protected by many conservation programmes, and boasts a wealth of rich wildlife. Hikers and cyclists in particular will enjoy the varied landscapes there are to explore, from mountainous peaks to palm tree forests and rocky coastal areas. With unique marine life and mammals in Seychelles it is fast becoming a must see visit destination specifically for that reason.

7 - Stopovers

Stopovers are common from the UK clients that are en-route to the Seychelles, some of the most popular stopover destinations are Dubai, Abu Dhabi and South Africa. Take advantage of the special offers with the flights and combine your trip with another destination to make your holiday a unique one.

8 - Privacy and seclusion

Seychelles is the perfect choice for those really looking to get away and relax. Majority of the 5* Resorts are either on private islands or are located in Coves allowing maximum privacy. Many of the resorts have individual private villas also, making it appealing to the person that wants to get away from it all.

9 - Affordable Seychelles

There is a misconception that Seychelles is only available to the Super Rich. But this is not true in the slightest. they are many resorts that offer all the facilities as a 5* resort but as smaller in size, making them a lot more affordable. Between the months of May - September packages can start from as little as £800 per person.

10 - Safe Destination

Due to its high standard of living, which is comparable with central Europe, the crime rate in the Seychelles is very low. Tourism remains as one of the largest forms of income to the Island which is why the locals are found to be extremely welcoming and friendly.

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